Observation of the mouse cold-tolerance effected by Qigong cold-tolerance message

Author: Feng Lida//Liu Chu//Chen Shuyin//Qian Juqing//Che Shuqin//Zhu Lina
Immunology Research Center, Navy Hospital, Beijing 100037
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1999
Other: Pages: 111-112 , Word Count: 355

The present experiment has preliminarily observed the effect of Qigong cold tolerance message on the body's cold resistance. The subjects were divided into two experimental groups - Group A and the control group, Group B.

Qigong masters emitted cold tolerance message to the two groups every day and successively for 5 days. Then the mice were placed in a container at a temperature of 40 degrees for 120 minutes. It was found that the mice receiving Qigong cold tolerance message died much later than the control group.

Group A began to die 75 minutes later, while Group B began to die 60 minutes later. The survival rate of Group A was much higher than Group B. It illustrates that Qigong cold tolerance message can strengthen the cold resistance ability, and at lower temperature, Qigong's function is more obvious.


1. Subject: Mice of Kunming - Species Male - 18-20g of body weight

Group Division: Mice Divided Randomly into 4 Groups

a. Experimental Group 1 - indoor at room temperature
b. Experimental Group 2 - outdoor at a temperature of 2-5
c. Control Group 1 - indoor at room temperature
d. Control Group 2 - outdoor

3. Experimental Method:

a. For the experimental groups, before placed in a cold
container they received the emitted cold tolerance
message from Qigong masters 30 minutes every day for 5 days successively.
The four groups were put in a refrigerator at 40 degrees and the survival rate was observed at different times - 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.
data management results reflect the research

Result and Discussion: The Survival Mice under severe cold the body is in a state of stress and significant change occur to nerves, endocrine, metabolism, immune function and various organic functions manifested as increase of sugar, fat and protein metabolize. The production of heat, contractor of ending vessels, decrease of quantity of heat dissipation also occur.

The recent study has revealed that the Qigong message exerts
influence on the experimental subject's nervous, endocrine
function, metabolism and especially the immune function. Mice
that have received the Qigong cold tolerance message may
strengthen cold resistance ability. The body's various
systems may be effected by the message. The mechanism of the
Qigong message deserves further exploration.