Qigong's medical effect on the injured athletes during sports games

Author: Cui Xinzhi
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 154 , Word Count: 334

On May l8, 1996, the first Chinese Huquandao Championship was held in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, China. It was so far the biggest competition of the kind in the country. More than 30 teams across the nation attended it. Hong Kong sent its team for the first time. The athletes' spirit of hard struggle deeply impressed the audience.

During the competition, however, one was mainly to attack the opponent with his legs. The attack could be very quick and violent, which made it possible for every athlete to be injured. Mr. Jiang Wenzhong, Director of Jinhua Sports Committee, invited me to use Qigong to treat his injured players. The first patient called Bi Chenhong was from Shanghai Sports College. His leg's soft tissue was seriously injured and he couldn't continue with the game because of great pain.

I emitted Qi to his Laogong (PC 8) in order to relieve his pain, sensation of hotness and to prevent swelling. In about five minutes, he did not feel pain at all. When asked how he felt during the treatment, he said he felt a cool draught comfortably touching his wound. The second patient called Li Gang was from the PLA team. The team captain, Mr. Hu, earnestly asked me for help as his team was trying to win the championship.

Before the treatment, Li Gang dared not let his leg touch the floor because of pain. After he sat down, I again emitted Qi to his Laogong (PC 8). He claimed he felt a cool breeze blowing over the wound. In about five minutes, the pain was gone and he went back to his team. In the end, the team won. Mr. Hu and his team were very grateful for my help.

The two cases proved 100% effective rate and no side effect was present. Qigong worked on the injury very effectively and quickly. Being a professional Gongfu coach, I have for many years used Qigoing to lessen or rid athletes' pain successfully and made them recover in very short time.