A clinical observation on the recovery of extremity motion function in hemiplegic patients promoted by hypnosis and acupoint pressing

Author: Wei Shouzhang//Liu Tianjung//Yang Jianhua//Sun Xiaoqian//Su Yaying//He Hong
Railioay Central Hospital, Taiyuant 030013, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 166 , Word Count: 233


Cerebral apoplexy is one of the commonly and frequently
encountered diseases. In particular, hemiplegia appearing after the cerebrum is partly damaged gives extreme suffering to patients and heavy burden to their families and society. To find a new method by which the extremity motion function of hemiplegic patients can be improved as soon as possible is our purpose of this clinical investigation.


A comprehensive method integrated with hypnosis, acupoint pressing and word suggestion is proposed to improve patentís motion
function of the affected side of their extremities under hypnotic state. Hemiplegic patients are randomly selected treated and observed.


In this investigation, 50 cases were observed, among which 30 hemiplegic patients (60%) acquire certain curative effect i. e., a better effect in the recovery of extremity motion function has been found in some patients with hemiparasis. The curative effect is better in patients with spastic paralysis expressed as hypermyotonia to some degrees (including patients in the recovery stage and sequel stage) and not so good for patients with flaccid paralysis. Patients with better curative effect (30%) were followed up for 3--6 months and none of them got worse.


This comprehensive method has the advantage of safety, simplicity, convenience, non-operation, non-medication, non side-effect.
Therefore, this method is helpful in some hemiplegic patients to recover their extremity motion function and to improve the function of central nervous system at the affected side of the patient.