The Curative Effects Of 'Twist & Pat' Qigong

Author: Zhu H
Guo-jing Qigong Sanitarium, Tina-tai, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 55 , Word Count: 146

Objective: Based on my 43 years of clinical experience, I found out that 'Twist & Pat' Qigong can self-heal various neck and lower back problems, including the outgrowths of the cervical disks and injuries to the shoulder-cuff muscle or ligament.

According to the Chinese meridian theory: 'The Governing vessel runs through the spinal cords and it connects to the kidney organs.” When we move the qi in the Governing Vessel by using the cervical and lumbar as the 'axis', it stretches the tendons and muscles around the spinal chords, improves the blood circulation and metabolism, stimulates the central nervous system, increases the flexibility of the spinal chords, and thus releases the neck stiffness, the shoulder soreness, and the lower back pains.

Three simple 'Twist & Pat' Qigong forms will be demonstrated: 'The Neck Twist & Pat' Qigong, 'The Lower Back Twist & Pat Qigong, and 'The Moving of the Spine” Qigong.