Practice and Theory of Qigong - China's Aerospace Medicine

Author: Guo HZ//Wang ZX//Li XQ
Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine (AFIAM), Beijing 100036, and P.R.China
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 50 , Word Count: 305

As early as 1960, AFIAM already did research in the fields of teaching Nei Yong Gong, inducing language and marks of entering into a state of tranquillity. The results showed that during a four week training course, the pilots trained could cross the threshold of Qigong by the first two-weeks and 80% of them could enter into a tranquil state by the second two-weeks. The increase level in bioelectric resistance of skin in a tranquil state approached the increase level in sleep. Especially potent Qigong could induce the middle value of the resistance increase to approach or exceed the value in sleep.

In 1961, AFIAM adopted Qigong combined with food control comprehensive treatment to cure digestive system disease of combat flight crew and achieved a good result. Also a report written to stress that Qigong has a significant effect upon digestive disease, high blood pressure and neurasthenia. Besides, Qigong played a positive role in improving altitude anoxia tolerance and strengthening stability of the autonomic nervous system. In 1964, a model of regulating the respiration and regulating the mind was introduced to train flight crew's pressure breathing. During 1970s, thousands of aircrew took part in Qigong training, i.e. shadow boxing, sword dancing, pile-stance and Qigong of whole body knocking massage. All these reported to have a positive effect on improving acceleration tolerance, preventing aero-otitis and curing chronic disease. From the 1980s, the Institute of Space Medico-Engineering conducted systematic research of state of Qigong functioning, including the physiologic character of Qigong entering into a tranquil state, acu-point temperature in Qigong state, R-R interval, circulation system, and developed human parameter measurement device of the state and so on. AFIAM designed and developed, based on Qigong theory, the Qigong ±Q-G) maneuver, which has been proven to be an effective anti-±i maneuver. The institute had researched preventing and curing airsickness with biofeedback.