Qigong and Women's Health

Author: Wang
Qi Gong Longevity Association Seattle, Washington, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 49 , Word Count: 169

Dr. Wang will discuss PMS, excessive/irregular bleeding, breast problems, hormone issues, and emotions.

Qigong instruction will include:
Five Organ Energy Breathing (Wu Zang Tu Na). This gentle set of exercises strengthens and balances qi in the main organs and cures illness. This one greatly reduces stress and is considered to be a basic prescription for health.

Dragon Swimming (Long You Gong). To improve fitness and reach one's optimum weight. Helps to build a beautiful figure.

Internal medicine (Nei Dang Gong) Guided meditation to develop qi movement and internal healing ability. Also to collect qi from nature while expelling toxic qi.

Wisdom qigong (intelligence Qi Gong) To open gates along the Du and Ren meridians and third eye (pineal gland).

Dr. Wang's Family Style is from the Wu Dang tradition, but he also teaches from Tibetan and Buddhist traditions. He is a member of the National Chinese traditional Medicine Society and co-chairman of the Chinese Qi Gong Association. He is also a Master of Traditional Chinese Art and Calligraphy.