Qigong: The Alchemy of Energy Healing

Author: Patel R
Energy Dynamics
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 47 , Word Count: 203

OBJECTIVE: this unique course will teach the inner dynamics of qigong in relation to the latest healing tools from the scientific perspective. Using the techniques of Organ Sounds, Mind-Made Medicine, Shen Nourishment and Eco-environment, participants will learn to mobilize innate healing potential and reverse the disease in their day-to-day life to enrich the cellular vibrational harmony.

There are synaptic gaps in the healing brain, which can be bridged by creating electrical impulses, which are activated by the Shen. So learn the healing pathways of the alchemy of energy healing by utilizing the Organ Sounds to match cellular vibration.

The mind creates its own pharmacopeia called peptides through inner dialogues and emotional patterns. Learn to alter unhealthy habitual prescriptions by replacing them with life-affirmative Mind-Made Medicine.

Wherever the will goes, the chi follows. It is the will that creates the mind and mind is not in the brain but in every cell of the body. In fact, the Shen creates the will. Learn the techniques of Shen nourishment for your inner being.

Man is also affected by environmental influences. Learn how geopathic and electromagnetic grid affects the health and well being and what can be done by using timeless tools to clear the surroundings.