Chow Qigong & Physiotherapy at an American Hospital

Author: Moon BL
Port Huron Hospital, Port Huron, Michigan, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 45 , Word Count: 176

Americans are facing a medical cost crisis. Port Huron Hospital, a not-for-profit community hospital with the mission of making a positive difference to the health of its community, is taking steps to offer more than traditional western medical services. It is offering health promotion programs such as Qi Gong.

A department within the hospital, Women's Wellness, has an explicit mandate to offer health enhancement programs. For the last year and a half, this department has offered Qi Gong classes taught by Burton Moon, a registered physical therapist and practitioner of Qi Gong. Students of these classes practice Qi Gong movements and health promotion skills. A multitude of benefits have been reported: improved blood chemistry, decreased pain, increased flexibility, improved motor co-ordination, breast tumor resolution, urinary bladder control, decreased fatigue.

Qigong is an 'alternative', complementary to the best of Western medical arts, it offers a means of instructing people with health issues in self care practices, which can make a positive difference in their health. Ultimately, this approach can greatly contribute to lessening the medical cost crisis.