[Complementary medicine for low back pain : what is the scientific evidence ?]

Author: Aveni É1, Berna C2, Rodondi PY1
Author Information:
1Institut de médecine sociale et préventive (IUMSP), Centre de médecine intégrative et complémentaire, CHUV, PMU, 1011 Lausanne.
2Centre d'antalgie, Service d'anesthésiologie, CHUV, 1011 Lausanne.
Conference/Journal: Rev Med Suisse.
Date published: 2017 Jun 21
Other: Volume ID: 13 , Issue ID: 568 , Pages: 1300-1303 , Special Notes: [Article in French; Abstract available in French from the publisher] , Word Count: 88

Complementary medicines are frequently used by chronic pain patients. It is a challenge for the primary care physician to provide objective information based on the scientific literature. Meta-analyses have shown favourable effects of acupuncture, therapeutic massage and osteopathy for patients with acute low back pain. Concerning chronic low back pain, meta-analyses have shown positive results with acupuncture, osteopathy, yoga and tai-chi. Other therapies have shown positive effects, but further trials are necessary to fully validate them. This article reviews the literature supporting the most studied complementary medicines.

PMID: 28643968