Signs Of Qi on the Face

Author: Garnier L
The Lotus Center, Laguna Beach, California, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 40 , Word Count: 216

Signs of Qi on the Face is a workshop designed to involve participants in the process of recognizing the amazing amount of information the face carries about an individual. The face is a map of life experiences, a blueprint of the body's functions and access into the psyche. From the face, the psychological and emotional underlay of the disease process can be identified. Students will learn how personality and issues affect health, and how blocked emotions can contribute to disease. The workshop will teach students how to read both personality and health from the face. Participants will learn how to determine where and why qi is blocked, discover techniques that help unblock it, and discuss ways to enhance qi for optimum health both physically and psychologically.

Objective: To teach recognition of the facial map that manifests qi from within the body. Participants will learn to recognize health indicators on the face that correlate with the major organs. They will also begin to understand the relationship of past experiences and associated facial markings that show blockage or stagnation of qi. They will gain knowledge about how to free the qi with emotional release techniques and recognition of positive personality traits. This is an entertaining and experiential workshop where participants will gain much insight about themselves and others.