Yi, Li and Qi: The Common Link Between Qigong and Cranlosacral Therapy

Author: Couturier MC
The Upledger Institute, Inc. Healthplex Clinical Services, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 39 , Word Count: 321

There is a continuum between structure and energy - From structure to fluid and then to energy. The structural components of this continuum can be associated with the body matrix, which is composed of the bones, muscles and various tissues. The fluid is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a key fluid in CranioSacral Therapy (CST). This fluid can be associated with the mind since it is directly in contact with the brain and spinal cord. The energy is associated with the spirit as it is characterized by the Qi or energy centers like the chokers.

Homeostasis or total health is attained when there is synchronicity between all three elements of the continuum. Just as the practice of Qigong leads toward total health of body, mind and spirit, CST stimulates the self-healing systems of the individual's body on all levels. The CST practitioner uses a light touch to assist the natural movement of the CSF within the craniosacral system.

The therapists use about five grams of pressure - roughly the weight of a nickel - to test for restrictions in various parts of the craniosacral system. The system consists of the cranium, the spine and sacrum, the intracranial membranes and the dural tube, the facial system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the core - the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord.

If, at any entry level, there is a restriction (structure) or stagnation (fluid) or blockage of energy or QI, the patient's global health is threatened. This condition can manifest locally in the restriction itself or at a distance, through compensative lesional chain mechanism through disease or illness.

Even though CST is structurally based, it goes beyond the physical matter into the energy field. CST gets in touch with the emotional field through a related process called Somato-Emotional Release (SER). This process involves energy transference between the therapist and the individual, as does the release of the energy cyst and tissue memory.