Chow Qigong: An Antidote for Modern Day Stress

Author: Chow Effie
East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco, California, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 37 , Word Count: 173

Excessive stress is an under lying factor for all conditions. Body chemistry, physiological structures and cells are altered resulting in serious debilitating diseases, even cancer.

Stress manifests itself in fatigue, headaches, low energy, lack of stamina, overeating and the resultant obesity, heart disease, and pain. The imbalance of Qi is conducive to creating these symptoms. This can occur in any walk of life: the executive, secretary, nurse, doctor, housewife, student, etc.

In Qigong the healthy vital life force keeps the body in harmony. free of disease and maintains a healthy body, mind and spirit.

There are things in everyday life which create the imbalance of the vital life force such as environmental pollution, cultural demands to fill roles that require 'super human', negative thinking or environment, poor diets, lack of time for self, lack of purpose and direction, disillusionment with society, economic hardship.

We will demonstrate some skills and techniques to prevent or overcome the factors that cause negative stress. We will illustrate how one can use stress for creating a positive outcome.