Yoga and other meditative movement therapies to reduce chronic pain.

Author: Achilefu A1, Joshi K1, Meier M1, McCarthy LH1
1Family Medicine Residency Program, Department of Family & Preventive Medicine, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, 900 NE 10 St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104.
Conference/Journal: J Okla State Med Assoc.
Date published: 2017 Jan
Other: Volume ID: 110 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 14-16 , Word Count: 120

CLINICAL QUESTION: In adults with chronic pain, do yoga and other meditative movement therapies to improvement in chronic pain symptoms?

ANSWER: Yes. However, in each of the studies reviewed, yoga classes were included as part of the pain management regime, sometimes alone and sometimes in tandem with DVDs or audiotapes. We feel that no exercise therapy program should be undertaken without professional coaching from certified, registered and qualified instructors.

DATE ANSWER WAS DETERMINED: August 2014, June, 2015, August 2015.


SEARCH TERMS: chronic pain, yoga, exercise therapy, meditative movement therapy.

INCLUSION CRITERIA: Adults; meta-analyses; systematic reviews; cohort studies; randomized controlled trials; practice guidelines; articles from 2010 to present.

EXCLUSION CRITERIA: Children younger than 18 years of age, Pilates.

PMID: 28190896