Application of intensified (+) Qi Gong energy, (-) electrical field, (S) magnetic field, electrical pulses (1-2 pulses/sec), strong Shiatsu massage or acupuncture on the accurate organ representation areas of the hands to improve circulation and enhance drug uptake in pathological organs: clinical applications with special emphasis on the 'Chlamydia-(Lyme)-uric acid syndrome' and 'Chlamydia-(cytomegalovirus)-uric acid syndrome'

Author: Omura Y//Beckman SL
Conference/Journal: Acupunct Electrotherapeutics Res, Intl J
Date published: 1995
Other: Volume ID: 20 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 21-72 , Special Notes: In English , Word Count: 414

Various methods of improving circulation and enhancing drug uptake which were used in treating some intractable medical problems caused by infections, and two syndromes based on the co-existence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection (mixed with either Lyme Borrelia burgdorferi or Cytomegalovirus) with increased Uric acid are described. The principal author's previous studies have indicated that there are two opposite types of Qi Gong energy, positive (+) and negative (-). Positive (+) Qi Gong energy has been used clinically to enhance circulation and drug uptake in diseased areas where there is a micro-circulatory disturbance and drug uptake is markedly diminished. (-) Qi Gong energy has completely the opposite effect and therefore has not been used although there may be some as yet undiscovered application. Since the late 1980's the principal author has succeeded in storing (+) Qi Gong energy on a variety of substances including small sheets of paper, and recently has been able to intensify this energy by concentrating it as it passes through a cone-shaped, tapered glass or plastic object placed directly on the (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper. Application of (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper on the cardio-vascular representation area of the medulla oblongata at the occipital area of the skull often improved circulation and enhanced drug uptake. If the drug-uptake enhancement was still not sufficient for the drug to reach therapeutic levels in the diseased organ, direct application of (+) Qi Gong from the practitioner's hand often enhanced the drug uptake more significantly. However, this direct method often results in the practitioner developing intestinal micro-hemorrhage within 24 hours which may or may not be noticed as mild intestinal discomfort with soft, slightly tarry stool. For intensifying (+) Qi Gong energy one of the most efficient shapes is a cone with increased intensification occurring at an optimal height. However when the total mass and the total distance from base to peak is increased beyond an optimal limit, the power decreases. Clinical application of Intensified (+) Qi Gong stored energy was evaluated in this preliminary study which indicated that intensified (+) Qi Gong energy application on the heart representation area of the middle finger on the hands markedly improved circulation in the corresponding organ, and increased drug uptake and acetylcholine even more effectively than some of the previously used drug enhancement methods (Shiatsu massage of the organ representation areas and/or application of (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper to the occipital area above the cardiovascular representation area of the medulla oblongata). (ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)
Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, USA.