Weak low-frequency electromagnetic oscillations in water.

Author: Liboff AR1, Poggi C2, Pratesi P2
1a Department of Physics , Oakland University , Rochester , MI , USA.
2b Studio Ingegneria Claudio Poggi , Genoa , Italy.
Conference/Journal: Electromagn Biol Med.
Date published: 2016 Sep 29
Other: Volume ID: 1-4 , Word Count: 105

Recent observations of low-frequency electromagnetic oscillations in water suggest an inductive structural component. Accordingly, we assume a helical basis enabling us to model water as an LC tuned oscillator. A proposed tetrahedral structure consisting of three water molecules and one hydronium ion is incorporated into the Boerdijk-Coxeter tetrahelix to form long water chains that are shown to have resonance frequencies consistent with observation. This model also serves to explain separately reported claims of ion cyclotron resonance of hydronium ions, in that the tetrahelix provides a built-in path for helical proton-hopping.

KEYWORDS: Boerdijk–Coxeter tetrahelix; hydronium ion cyclotron resonance; proton-hopping; tuned oscillator; water structure

PMID: 27687570 DOI: 10.1080/15368378.2016.1227332