The Network Spinal Wave as a Central Pattern Generator.

Author: Senzon SA1, Epstein DM2, Lemberger D3
11 The Institute Chiropractic , Asheville, NC.
22 Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice , Washington, DC.
33 Epstein Technologies , Longmont, CO.
Conference/Journal: J Altern Complement Med.
Date published: 2016 May 31
Other: Word Count: 201

OBJECTIVES: This article explains the research on a unique spinal wave visibly observed in association with network spinal analysis care. Since 1997, the network wave has been studied using surface electromyography (sEMG), characterized mathematically, and determined to be a unique and repeatable phenomenon.

METHODS: The authors provide a narrative review of the research and a context for the network wave's development.

RESULTS: The sEMG research demonstrates that the movement of the musculature of the spine during the wave phenomenon is electromagnetic and mechanical. The changes running along the spine were characterized mathematically at three distinct levels of care. Additionally, the wave has the mathematical properties of a central pattern generator (CPG).

CONCLUSIONS: The network wave may be the first CPG discovered in the spine unrelated to locomotion. The mathematical characterization of the signal also demonstrates coherence at a distance between the sacral to cervical spine. According to mathematical engineers, based on studies conducted a decade apart, the wave itself is a robust phenomenon and the detection methods for this coherence may represent a new measure for central nervous system health. This phenomenon has implications for recovery from spinal cord injury and for reorganizational healing development.

PMID: 27243963 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]