Author: Sulikowski Richard
Academy for Medical Qigong, Malmo, Sweden
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 168 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 398

5,000 years passed before the traditional Chinese medicine, qigong reached Sweden. There is an academy for medical qigong in Malmo for 6 years, introduced by the biologist and qigong master Richard Sulikowski. Courses and treatment are offered in the two top stories of a big building in the center of Malmo.
Qi means life energy and Gong means extraordinary achievement. Through a combination of movements, breathing and concentration, the acupuncture system of the body becomes activated and the flow of energy is increased.
Both Physical and Mental Effects
Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg is a medical doctor and at the Academy for Medical Qigong she leads qigong courses, gives lectures and trains instructors and she also gives acupuncture treatment. Dr. Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg tells us that medical qigong has a positive effect on both mental and physical levels. Mentally the concentration is increased and one becomes more efficient. Sleep is improved and energy increases. Stress does not exist any more--one becomes calm and relaxed. The healing process of the body is increased. Colds are rare and pain is diminished or may totally disappear. Diseases like asthma and allergies can also be cured. Medical qigong also helps against high blood pressure, gastric catarrh, ulcer, heart-vascular diseases and rheumatism. Dr. Gauthier-Hernberg explains that qigong teaches us to take responsibility for our own health.
The Chinese view
In China the holistic view of a person is emphasized. Mental strength and personality development come from within. Health is regarded as a natural part of the personality development and in China one takes a preventive approach to matters concerning health. The attitude towards elderly persons is also different in China. They are treated with reverence because of their experience and wisdom. In Sweden we have too long looked upon humans as upon cars --we have repaired one part without thinking of its role as part of the entire body. However, the holistic view is beginning to gain ground in the Swedish medical care as well.
Pioneer and Master
Richard Sulikowski was a pioneer in Europe when he started to work with medical qigong more than 20 years ago.
Today both Richard Sulikowski and Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernber are members of the board of WASMQ (World Academic Society of Medical Qigong) in Beijing. China and the same organization has also appointed Richard Sulikowski to be qigong master. Richard Sulikowski and Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg have participated in congresses in China and shown their acquired knowledge.