A holistic approach on the neurological benefits of music.

Author: Jimenez-Dabdoub L1, Catterall J.
1Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK, lilyjimdab@gmail.com.
Conference/Journal: Psychiatr Danub.
Date published: 2015 Sep
Other: Issue ID: Suppl-1 , Pages: 148-150 , Word Count: 110

A holistic perspective on human beings allows health carers to achieve an understanding of all the physiological, psychological and social disturbances of the patient as a whole. Through this article we wish to focus on how music has holistic neurological benefits. Music-therapy interventions can be more accessible and even "self-managed" by the patient's relatives. They can reinforce social cohesion, family ties and patients' self-esteem and thus produce a better quality of life. Overall, it is important to consider the benefits that an evolutionary understanding of musical behaviour and a holistic clinical perspective of the role of music may bring for rehabilitation of a wide range of symptoms and conditions.
PMID: 26417751