Effectiveness of qigong therapy

Author: Inosuke Yoshimi
Japan Qigong Association
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 163 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 306

Recently many Japanese people engage in qigong therapy. I have given qigong treatment to 1988 patients. Since we focus on chiropractic therapy, most of the patients want us to give qigong treatment, or they think that only those are indicative to qigong therapy can be treated by qigong. In treatment we not only give qigong therapy but also other therapies. For this reason, the effectiveness of qigong is questionable. I have ten years of experience in qigong therapy and the proportion of the effectiveness of qigong therapy is based on my personal experience. Furthermore, 80% of the patients were not treated by qigong.
1. Case examples in the last year
(1) Low back pain (proplase of interverberal disc, separation of lumbar vertebrae,etc. )(97%)
(2) Hemiparalysis (due to cerebral infarction, thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage, etc. )(80%)
(3) Neck pain and shoulder pain (96%)
(4) Neuroasthenia (98%)
(5) Headache (96.5%)
Patients of cancer and other internal organ disorders had been treated in other hospitals by injection and drugs, since no good response was seen, they sought help in my clinic, so it is very important to give treatment by aiming at symptoms. Qigong can greatly improve the condition.
In carrying out the treatment (1) injection and drugs were ceased; (2) according to the condition drugs and qigong were applied together. Based on the previous fact we divided the patients into two groups.
One group was treated by drugs and qigong and the other group was treated by qigong only. About the effect we have found there is not much difference. But according to symptoms and the progress of diseases, sometimes injection and drugs were given as the main approach. It would be very dangerous to depend on qigong only when qigong was effective. The physician's decision is based on his experience and ability. Thereby a constant study is extremely necessary. This is why we try to combine oriental and Western medicine.