A STUDY ON THE SCIENTIFICATION OF MEDICAL QIGONG - For the purpose of establishing a preventive medical science

Author: Nagura Osamu//Sakai Kosuke
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 161 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 547

In the modern mechanized civilization, the human body's innate functions have become greatly separated from the natural energy of the Universe. The body's qi, or life energy, has decreased, and the immune system has become weaker. We are entering the age of serious disease such as cancer; and the world's population is aging rapidly. Western medicine alone can not meet the needs of this age. If we fail to mend the relation between medical therapy and the problem of human survival, economic development and family harmony can not be guaranteed.
In the 21st century, the 'Revolution of Medical Therapy' must be internationally expanded and applied. The guidelines of this revolution are based on the following three Chinese government's policies of medical therapy.
1. Properly utilize and enhance the heritage of traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Properly treat the relation between developing Western medicine and preserving the dignity of life as the highest priority.
3. Establish and develop medical science on the basis of combining modern Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine.
We, the people involved in traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong, now play an important international role both in society and in history. Higher education of traditional Chinese medicine techniques, proper training of personnel, scientification of clinical treatment, and advanced academic research are all essential to the further international development of traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong.
This time we are here for the purpose of establishing a preventive medical science on the basis of the scientification of Qigong. We have had great success in our clinical experiments and would like to take this opportunity to report our achievements to this prestigious academic association.
The following is the subjects of clinical experiments.
1. With 'Magnetic Resonance Undulant Analyzer', we've worked out undulant measurement data in the pressure pain region of 'Reflex Zone of Foot', compared data collected simply by hands. From the data, scientifically undulant measurement can be realized quantitatively. It indicates a big step over the establishment and progress of the preventive medical science.
2. Generally, circulation of Qi in morden human body is not favorable, but of poor function. For treating this, 'Foot Bathing' (foot bathing and treatment on foot reflex zone) is applied, 40 minutes accordingly. From the difference between the data collected before and after treatment, we've worked out the difference between personal data and the immune data. It shows that the undulant measurement data is well improved if it is collected after the treatment while the normal state of Qi circulation is restored, that means the state of 'Cold head, warm feet'.
3. With the analyzer, we've tested relations between health and emotion, spirit condition and compared them with the data collected on the pressure pain point. It's proved that the theory of 'Internal Injury Caused by Seven Emotions', proposed in Chinese traditional medicine, is correct.
In the past 300 years, diagnosis and its methods have rapidly developed along with the fast progress of modern sciences. Anthony Von Hecuwenhock of Holland successfully invented the method of testing with microscope in 1680. And then, X-ray; MRI; Endoscope Urination and blood test appeared. These influence traditional Chinese medicine greatly in a wide range. We believe it becomes more important from now on to stress fundamental studies and practical applications. And the research on individual difference of life starts to be emphasized in recent years.