A kinematic and metabolic analysis of the first Lu of Tai Chi in experts and beginners.

Author: Zorzi E1,2, Nardello F2,2, Fracasso E2,2, Franchi S2,2, Clauti A2,2, Cesari P2,2, Zamparo P2,2.
1Department of Neurological and Movement Sciences, University of Verona, Via Felice Casorati, 43; 37131, Verona, Italy.
Conference/Journal: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab
Date published: 2015 Jul 8
Other: Pages: 1-4 , Word Count: 92

The aim of this study was to compare movement kinematics, cocontraction times, and metabolic data in expert and nonexpert Tai Chi practitioners. Significant differences were observed for all kinematic parameters: experts moved smoothly (lower jerk) and with a lower frequency. No differences in metabolic and electromyography data were observed but for the breathing pattern (experts breathed slowly and deeply). Movement frequency and breathing pattern are thus the main features that distinguish expert and nonexpert practitioners.
bioenergetics; biomechanics; biomécanique; bioénergétique; co-activation; coactivation; niveau d’habileté; skill level
PMID: 26352536