Effects of 24 weeks of Tai Chi Exercise on Postural Control among Elderly Women.

Author: Zhou J1, Chang S, Cong Y, Qin M, Sun W, Lian J, Yao J, Li W, Hong Y.
1a Chengdu Sports University , Department of Sports Medicine , Chengdu , China.
Conference/Journal: Res Sports Med.
Date published: 2015 Jul-Sep
Other: Volume ID: 3 , Pages: 302-14 , Special Notes: doi: 10.1080/15438627.2015.1040918 , Word Count: 140

This study examined the effects of 24 weeks of Tai Chi Quan on the postural control of elderly women. A total of 43 women aged 55-68 years participated in the study. A Tai Chi group (n = 22) underwent an organized Tai Chi exercise, whereas the control group (n = 21) maintained a habitual, no-regular-exercise lifestyle. A Good Balance tester (Metitur, Finland) was used to measure the time, paths and velocity of the center of pressure (COP) of subjects during stance while shifting COP to targeted positions shown on a monitor. After 24 weeks, the Tai Chi group showed significantly shorter total (18.6%, p = 0.005), mediolateral (21.9%, p = 0.002) and anteroposterior (18.3%, p = 0.002) COP sway paths than the control group. The results indicate that 24 weeks of the Tai Chi exercise improved the efficiency of postural control for elderly women.
Good Balance system; Tai Chi; dynamic balance; elderly women; postural control
PMID: 26223978