Author: Feng Lida//Chen Shuqing//Liu Chu//Zhu Lina//Chen Shuying
Navy General Hospital, Beijing 100037, China
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 150 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 332

1. General data
Among 30 cases of cholelithes, 6 were males and 24 females. The average age was 54. Accurate diagnosis was done by B ultrasonic examination. The course of disease varied from 3 months to more than 10 years.
2. The course of treatment and results:
This therapy was to enforce inner qi and regulate endocrine for the purpose of eliminating stones by the emitting qi and suggestion. During this therapy patients became animated so that internal organs strengthened. One course of treatment lasted for 5-10 days. Treatment was given once per day and 30 minutes at one time. After one course of treatment, 28 patients began to discharge stones. The positive rate was 93.33%. Some patients discharged stones on the first day of treatment. Others discharged stones on the 4th day on average. Gallstones were in the form of sand or grains. Major diameter amounted to 1.0 cm. In treatment, some of the patients had a sensations of warmness, distension, soreness and numbness in the right upper abdomen. Very few patients had slight gallstone colic. For most of the patients, symptoms and signs such as abdominal distension, dislike of greasy food, hiccup and pain somewhat relieved or disappeared.
3. Gallstone analysis:
Gallstones from 21 patients are analyzed and results are shown in the following table.

number of bilirubin cholesterol calcium
cases (umol/L) (mmol/L) (mmol/L)
21 4.04±2.27 0.74±0.52 1.05±0.84

Cholelithes is a common disease of the biliary duct system. The reason for the formation of gallstone is so far unknown. It may result from cholestasia, metabolic disturbance in the biliary duct infection or parasites. The three kinds of gallstones are cholochrome stone. cholesterol stone and mixed stone. Cholochrome stone is common in China.
The mechanism of eliminating stones by qigong; The emitted qi massages the liver directly and getting rid of blood stasis so that the circulation of blood in the liver and bile is promoted, and it may cause gallbladder to contract and make the biliary duct dilate. As a result, bile washes and pushes the stones to the biliary duct then to duodenum.