[Photomodification of blood by laser and ultraviolet radiation: a comparative study].

Author: Zalesskaia GA, Kalosha II.
Conference/Journal: Biofizika.
Date published: 2014 Jul-Aug
Other: Pages: 799-804 , Special Notes: [Article in Russian] , Word Count: 93

The efficiency of in vivo blood irradiation by a laser light source (λ = 632.8 and 670 nm) and a mercury lamp (UV light, λ = 254 nm) was compared. Absorption spectra, gas content, oxyhemoglobin content, hemoglobin oxygen saturation, concentrations of lactate and glucose were studied for both irradiated and control samples. Hemoglobin was assumed to be the primary photoacceptor of light radiation for the indicated wavelengths. No substantial differences have been found between the effects of laser and non-laser irradiation. We conclude that the biological impact of the procedure is related to photoinduced changes in hemoglobin oxygen saturation.
PMID: 25707250