[A magnetoencephalographic study on the disruption of the neural network].

Author: Tobimatsu S1.
1Department of Clinical Neurophysiology Neurological Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Sciences Kyushu University.
Conference/Journal: Rinsho Shinkeigaku
Date published: 2014
Other: Volume ID: 54 , Issue ID: 12 , Pages: 960-2 , Special Notes: [Article in Japanese] doi: 10.5692/clinicalneurol.54.960 , Word Count: 79

Recently, neural oscillations, especially gamma oscillation (>30 Hz) has been paid attention in the Systems Neuroscience. In monkey, neural oscillations are involved in either intrahemispheric or interhemispheric integrative brain function. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) provides information on human brain functions with the excellent temporal (ms) and spatial (mm) resolution. This technique allows us to identify when, where and how bran works. Here, I present the recent findings in our laboratory on the disruption of the neural network in human.
PMID: 25672681