Author: Yang Feng
Lixin County Hospital of TCM, Anhui province
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 141 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 329

Medical qigong is the treasure of our traditional culture, an important method of maintaining life and health, eliminating disease for longevity, and a basic element of TCM. Guided by the TCM theory, we should mainly practice self health care, at the same time do more scientific research on disease cure by emitted qi and focus on some important clinical observations.
Fifteen years ago, Wang Jialin said: According to the result of research on inner qi the value of inner heat effect index Delta T in the process formation, development flow and function is an inferable characteristic index which has some regularities. We have many experiments using skin electric resistance skin electric potential and heat radiation, etc., to observe the course.
The normal course of treatment by inner qi includes the following three aspects: 1. The curative index Delta T (t) should reach a certain value. 2. Everyday's treating time should be controlled. 3. Keep relative continuity in every day's treatment during a certain treatment period. Thus we can obtain the largest possibility of cure or significant effect.
The main result of emitted qi study is formation and function of electro-magnetism, infrared ultrasonic wave, outside infrared ray.
In recent years our Qigong and Hepatic Disease Department has been doing this research. We have found about ten kinds of liver diseases, especially B Type Hepatitis, could be cured with the combination of drugs and qigong.
The experimental result is very clear with the 135 B Type Hepatitis cases. The three positives turning to negative rate is 49%, when treated only by drugs, while the rate is 73.3% when treated by the combination of drugs and qigong.
Why so much difference? What's the function of medical qigong?
According to TCM theory, medical qigong's function is related to inducing the production of interferon, improving the microcirculation, clearing free radicals and adding the hepar blood flow, and improving hepatocellular metabolism, hepatocellular regeneration, and moreover, it may rectify low blood pressure and low blood coagulation state, prevent and cure fatty liver.