Biological electric fields and rate equations for biophotons.

Author: Alvermann M1, Srivastava YN, Swain J, Widom A.
1Department of Physics and INFN, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy.
Conference/Journal: Eur Biophys J.
Date published: 2015 Mar 4
Other: Word Count: 76

Biophoton intensities depend upon the squared modulus of the electric field. Hence, we first make some general estimates about the inherent electric fields within various biosystems. Generally, these intensities do not follow a simple exponential decay law. After a brief discussion on the inapplicability of a linear rate equation that leads to strict exponential decay, we study other, nonlinear rate equations that have been successfully used for biosystems along with their physical origins when available.
PMID: 25737231