Author: Zhang Longmin 1//Wan Xiuqing 1//Yu Yi 2//Ge Yanlu 2////
Beijing Miyun Jinghua Cancer Hospital [1], Clinical Scientific Research Institution, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital [2]
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 132 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 420

Through the joint co-operation and clinical practice of Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital and our hospital, we have studied the influence of self-control treatment on the cell immune function of cancer patients by using the immunology and cell chemical method. The patients include both primary and metastasized cancer patients. (Among them, lung cancer 43 cases, liver cancer 10 cases, stomach cancer 22 cases, intestine cancer 11 cases, mammary cancer 8 cases and other cancer 12 cases). By comparing the results pre-and post- one course of self-control treatment, we found that there were changes in red blood cells, lymphocytes, neutrophilic granulocyte immunity, WBS's number in peripheral blood diagram of cases with radiochemical treatment. All the experimental results have statistic significance.
I. C3b receptor's floral loop rate which represents red blood cell immune function: pre-treatment: X±SD=8.40±4.68; post-treatment: X±SD=12.41±3.92, p<0.001; red blood cell immune mixture (CZC) floral loop rate: pre-treatment:X±SD=10.95±4.68,post-treatment: X±SD=6.41±2.78, p<0.001, showing patients' RBC immunation adherent function and the function of clearing up prominently immunations mixture have been strengthened.
II. The reversion rate of lymphocytes which represents the body's immunity: pre-treatment: X±SE=54.35±14.94, post-treatment: X±SE=64.55±10.31, p<0.01, an increase by 20.07%, showing T lymphocytes' immune function has been increased prominently.
III. Changes of neutrophilic granulocyte's immune function:(1)moving function'. The moving function of patients' neutrophilic granulocyte has been increased greatly after the self-control treatment; pre-treatment moving distance: 1.75±0. 53 mm while post-treatment: 2.35±0.77mm, p<0.001. (2) changes of phagocylosis function: the average, phagocytosis: pre-treatment: 32.5±9.22, post-treatment: 51.33±12.24, p<0.01, which shows the phagocytosis function of neutrophilic granulocyle has been strengthened.
IV. bacteriocidal function: NBT reduction rate: pre-treatment: 23.07±6.96, post-treatment: 40.23±10.86,p<0.001, which shows the bacteriocidal function of neutrophilic granulocyle has become strengthened prominently. IV. The influence of the self-control treatment on WBC number of patients before and after radiochemical treatment: experimental group: 2d=6362 before treatment, 2d=61114 after treatment, the difference: 2+SD=322. 2±821.4; the control group: 2d=6745 before treatment, while 2d=3950 after treatment, the difference: 3580±188.3. T=8.71, p<0.001. This shows the self-control treatment can regulate blood diagram, strengthen the immune function and reduce the by-effects of radiochemical treatment.
V. Inducing interferons: The increase of inducing interferon after treatment shows the strengthening of patients' immunity, T-lymphocytes ability of endocrining lymph factors of patients' immunity.
The above results and clinical curative effect are positively related. Patients' symptoms are relieved. The condition becomes stable. The size of the tumor shrank. The tumor may disappear at last. All these show that the self-control treatment is really effective in improving the immunity of patients and has unique function in the comprehensive and recovering treatment.