Author: Fu Yuanzhi//Lee Richard H
China Healthways Institute, San Clemente, CA, USA
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 117 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 660

The value of qigong is not easily understood or accepted by most Western doctors. Whereas scientists require theories which are verifiable through bio-electrochemical measurement, doctors need a presentation of practical treatment techniques which provide consistent physiological improvements and correlate with specific clinical improvements.
Most doctors in the west are not, at first, interested in qigong exercises or emitted qi because they cannot measure physiological changes during either of these practices, and they do not believe that they can emit qi. In our Life Enhancement Workshops we teach techniques developed by qigong masters which the doctors can easily learn and apply, which induce observable physiological changes, and which are clinically effective. Transfer of Electrical Conductivity. In this first demonstration, we show that physical contact, (massage) with the intent to relieve discomfort causes substantially increased electrical conductivity in the hands of the recipients and substantially decreased conductivity in the hands of the givers. This exercise shows doctors that an aspect of qi can flow from one person to another.
Pine Tree qigong. A second demonstration involves having the doctors do external qigong exercise outdoors in the presence of pine trees with the intent of collecting qi. Most experience some sensation of Qi but many question their own experience. Testing shows that the electrical conductivity of their hands after the exercise increased considerably. Objective measurement of increased electrical conductivity as a result of qigong exercises is highly motivating.
Emergency CPR Acupressure. This technique, commonly used by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors infuses qi into the heart and lungs of victims of cardio-pulmonary arrest. This method has a much higher success rate than Western CPR, and can easily be applied with only the hands often reviving the victim within 60 seconds. This highly effective Qi therapy is a strong argument for qi.
Infrasonic Simulator. The first aspect of an emitted qi treatment involves emitting a pool of qi into the head and chest of the patient. An aspect of this emitted qi is infrasonic radiation, which has been found to alter the brain frequency and coherence of test subjects. We use a simulator which reproduces this output to causes similar shift, which is immediately measurable in the hand trembling of workshop participants. Not only do they feel relaxed, but they can see on the screen that their trembling has declined considerably and shifted in frequency. This is an evidence that the emitted qi has physiological effects, and that it influences the brain and the vibrational interface between mind and body. Doctors in the West are much interested in this mind-body interaction. For doctors who see a high load of patients, this tool can be used to bring their patients into a healing state before the doctor even sees them, reducing the energy drain on the doctor by lifting the emotions of the patient. Gua Sha to remove stagnant and toxic qi. The second step in a qigong treatment after emitting fresh qi involves removing toxic or pathogenic qi. While masters with their powerful qi can pass their hands downward along the limbs to drag the bad qi out the fingers and toes, this is more difficult for the doctor who is just beginning in qigong. Gua Sha, popular throughout China was developed by qigong masters and amplifies the power of the average person to remove stagnant and toxic qi. Gua Sha tools made of varying materials will provide different physiological effects and benefits to the body. Our practice sessions demonstrate to participants how Gua Sha can extract pain and tension from the body, leaving the person feeling very relaxed but low on energy. Kirlian photography supports the feelings that qi has been removed from the body.
These technologies of qi, while more effective when in the hands of qigong masters, can be used by any therapist to build qi and accelerate healing. The fact that they work opens the minds of Western practitioners to the nature and potential of qi and the value of qigong.