Treatment method towards functional disease of the knee joint

Author: Nakagawa Shigeo
Kansai Qigong Society, Japan [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 146 , Word Count: 366

In Japan, from former times, headache, lumbago, and having a stiff shoulder have been the most common and daily pains. But with the progress of means of transportation and popularization of private used motorcars becoming too convenient, more and more persons are worried about a disease of knee joint. Recovering of this is not easy. Especially in case of high aged persons, they sometimes arrive to loss of walking function.

The average life span of Japanese is now top of the world. But disease with pain in the aged will increase in near future.
For such trouble like that, we need safe and easy home treatment, i.e. to treat by the patients themselves or with their families and friends.
I studied Sotaido ('Body treatment method' designed by Dr. Hashimoto) 10 years ago, and 4 years after, in 1983, meeting with qigong. After that, I studied Sotaido and qigong for five years, and found various effective treatment methods.
Toward the kneejoint problem, it contains a method of moving-diagnosis (named 'circle diagnosis method' and etc. ), press-diagnosis for finding out Ihe diseased muscle, and treatment techniques.

Now I will introduce these method as follows.
1. The function of the knee is not only to bend and straighten, but to turn, draw circles or twist like a screw. My 'circle-diagnosis' is developed based on it. The patient lies and his legs are moved to draw circles. He is asked when he is most uncomfortable.
2. For knowing which muscle in the knee is diseased, the patient is asked to bend or extend his knee, and to find the most uncomfortable position, and the unusual point press tense muscle.
3. In many case, any muscle connecting the knee has bad influence on the kneejoint. When I find the inner connection another treatment is applied. It is a way to find unusual tension of the leg, and relax, regulate that unbalance point.
4. In treatment, the doctor touches the diseased point with one hand and emit his qi to let the patient move his knee from most uncomfortable posture to comfortable posture, after that,
proper pressure is given by the other hand. The patient is advised to relax his body when he breathes out. Repeat this 1 or 2 times.