Tentative Researches for the Phenomenon of ?ill-qi

Author: Hu Hongtao////
Conference/Journal: Chinese J Somatic Science
Date published: 1994
Other: Volume ID: 4 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 183-188 , Special Notes: Articles in Chinese and some contain results in tables. , Word Count: 363

According to the resolving power of ESP (extrasensory perception) that qigong therapists have, we classify qi to three types:

true-qi, clear-qi and ill-qi. Ill-qi is very common in the clinical practice of qigong, yet it is a gap remaining to be filled in the fields of the modern medicine.

Ill-qi is a kind of qi which is stasis qi and can cause uncomfortable feelings and symptoms to the sensitive at a distance. Ill-qi is the other aspect of diseases. The method of recognizing ill-qi is very different from that of recognizing diseases. During the process of practising qigong, the mind alters its state into qigong state (one kind of ASC, Altered State of Consciousness) and developed ESP which permits the mind to perceive qi or ill-qi. Those who have the ESP suffer from Ill-qi Syndrome easily, because they are very sensitive. It means that they are so sensitive that they can be tele-infected by the ill-qi. We name the phenomenon 'infection of ill-qi'.

Generally, healthy people don't have ill-qi, but have clear qi. Well-trained qigong therapists have true-qi. Diseases and ill-qi are a unifier coexisting in an ill organism. If you cure a patient of his illness, he will no more have ill-qi. Conversely, if you eliminate the ill-qi out of the patient's body, the suffering of the patient can be alleviated or he can be cured of his illness. The latter is just the mechanism and basic principle of qigong therapy.

Not only can the mind of qigong state perceive the qi, but it can also control, adjust and refine the qi. All that can be acquired by practising qigong which is the main method to discharge ill-qi. The more clear-qi one gets from the surroundings, the less ill-qi there will be in the body. Another means is a passive way. Namely, qigong therapist emits out-qi or true-qi to fill in patient's body and the out-qi drives the ill-qi away.

The most effective prevention of 'ilI-qi infection? is intensifying practice of qigong and reinforcing one's qi and constitution.

Ill-qi phenomenon is a very important part of qigong-medical system, and yet it is a challenge to the theory of the modern medical science.