Study of qigong in treatment of impotence and its wonderful efficacy

Author: Huang Chengmo
Unique Cultural Features Service of Inner Strength Skill, Taiwan [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 138 , Word Count: 716

1. Correction of sexual concept
Sexual desire is a part of human nature. It is pure and natural and connected with the sacred mission of continuing the family line by producing a male heir. Just as one theologist says, God is almighty. If tabooing sex, God would not have created the wonderful sexual organs for males and females and all owned them to have sexual intercourse. Therefore, his maxim is 'for all things created by God without feeling ashamed, people should not be afraid of talking about it. ' Based on this principle, I would like to discuss this important but relaxed topic with serious attitude.

2. Three big sexual troubles of human beings
(I) It's unable to break through sexual concept; (2) Sexual efficacy is not strong; (3) Venereal diseases are rampant. The sexual concept has been improved because of the strengthening of the sex education. The conventional sexual diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis, etc. have been controlled because of the invention of antibiotics and development of medical science and technology. But weak sexual function still cannot be solved by Chinese and Western medicine.

3. Normal sexual life can increase happiness and prolong life.
As the common saying puts, 'When the yin and the yang are in harmony, the fertilizing rain descends, and it's a sign of long life when the old is still romantic. ' According to my study, the normal sexual life has the following advantages
l) Sexual love can promote the human body's hormone balance to prevent aging.
2) Desirable sexual life is a symbol of good health.
3) Sexual life is a good remedy to prevent and treat heart ailment because it can release mental depression and pressure.
4) Good sexual life can increase the sentiment and harmony of a marriage life.
5) Making love is a kind of good exercise.
6) Making love can relieve life boredom and prevent suicide.
7) Sexual love can make life optimistic, active and struggling with success—the intelligent and brave Solomon King said, happiness is the good mental medicine, but strong liquor can devitalize bone; he only loved beauties but not strong liquor.
8) Sexual love can increase happiness and longevity which has been proved in medical science that a married person can have a long life, but an unmarried person dies early. Therefore, one poet said, 'We must love, or die'.

4. the cause of impotence and the treating efficacy of qigong
There are complicated reasons for male's sexual weakness like impotence and immature ejection. They include mental and physiological disturbances, related to cultural characteristics and family background, especially the sexual companion's indifference and uncooperative impact. Up to now, there has been no effective therapy in Chinese and Western medicine.
The Western medicine places emphasis on mental haunting and on psychoanalysis, but it's helpless. The Chinese medicine holds they are caused by deficiency in the kidney and advises to nourish the heart and soothe the nerves thus tonics are given, but it is only little helpful for those with weak physical make-up. Only the qigong therapy together with the mental and physiological treatment has 100% efficacy. It has experienced more than 30 years since 1947 when I started to treat impotence with the qigong therapy in Taiwan. Now I can guarantee to refund if it’s ineffective. The approaches are as follows: (I) Using qi flow in the qigong therapy and the contracted movement of sexual gland nerve to strengthen the control of the sphincter muscle in the private part, and to promote endocrine sexual gland nerves by stimulation of the male's ketones, and increase confidence. 2) Massage is applied to promote metabolism, strengthen blood circulation, reinforce sexual ability, and also increase the nervous function of the brain and kidney to successfully eliminate headache, blurred vision, lowback pain, impotence and immature ejection.

5. conclusion
The youth's sperm barrier is insecure and sensitive to eject easily. The middle-aged and old men cannot raise up firmly with too little power to do thing as they wish. Only receiving my simple training of qigong exercise, they can get remarkable effect. Please believe me
'the silkworm will not exhaust its silk until it dies, and the candle's tear will not dry until it has been burned into ashes. Take a good care of your youth, and then your sexual ability can be maintained until death. It's absolutely correct that sex exists together with life. '