Analysis of the Effects of 'External Qi' of Qigong on the Humand Hepatocarcinoma Cell BEL-7042 Using the Flow Cytometry

Author: Cheng Yuanfung
Conference/Journal: Chinese J Somatic Science
Date published: 1993
Other: Volume ID: 3 , Issue ID: 13 , Pages: 151 , Special Notes: Articles in Chinese and some contain results in tables. , Word Count: 185

On the basis of cellular studies on the effects of “external Qi” of Qigong on the human hepatocarcinoma cell BEL-7402, we use the advanced technique of Flow Cytometry to analyze the influence of “external Qi” on the BEL-7402 from the angles of cell division kinetics and genetics. From the investigations, we found that “external Qi” can inhibit the higher rate of DNA synthesis inhepatocarcinoma cell and decrease the concentration of DNA, in the same time, cell cycle is also under the influence of the “external Qi” treatment, , G[sub 0], G[sub 1], G[sub 2] phases became more and more obvious by the repeated treatments, but phase tended to became smaller. After the treatment of “external Qi”, chromosome karyotype is also changed. These results suggested that the hepatocarcinoma cell can be restored to the normal to the some extent. For the further verification, we inoculated the BEL-7402 cell and the treated cell to the naked mice, the found the BEL-7402 cell can induce the tumor, but the treated cell can’t, FCM analysis also provided the further evidence at the levels of DNA concentration and cell cycle.