Analysis of 51 cases with coronary heart disease treated by qigong

Author: Sun Jiwang//Yuan Rui//Yang Cuifeng
Gansu, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 135 , Word Count: 1157

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a common and frequently encountered disease. The authors have attempted to treat it by the qigong exercise for two years. The result is reported as follows.
Among the 51 patients 40 were males, 11, females; 49 were the kind of anginal and 2, prolonged myocardial infarction. Diagnosis was convinced by symptoms and electrocardiography. Their age were from 51 to 75 and the average treating course was 8 years.
After 20 to 60 days’ practising of the exercise collectively or individually under the guidance of qigong teachers, all the 51 patients could make qi circulate through the Du Meridian.

The exercise was done as follows:
l. Paying attention to the heart area while expirating;
2. Leading qi travel towards Dantian (below umbilicus);
3. Keeping qi in Dantian;
4. Never using any other method to aid or support when qi begins to circulate naturally;
5. Generating by preservation of qi.

At the end of the third step, i. e., when it travels through Mingmen (Du 4) to Xinshu (B 15), qi produced impulse to the heart. Thus, foci started to react, Reoccurrence of the disease became frequent, but the condition is less severe than before. e. g. angina pectoris did not severely attack but a slight pain. The patients should then be encouraged to continue practising the exercise. When qi circulated, patients felt healthy than ever and their intellectual and remembering faculties restored. At this time, they must.confined to the exercise.
The effective rate in treating anginal symptoms is 100%. Marked effective is 29 of 51, improvement 22, and that of electrocardiography is 94.12% or 27 and 21 cases, failure in 3 cases.
CHD is caused by weak heart yang, stagnancy of qi and blood stasis, which result in pain.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the fundamental principle of the exercise is to invigorate the functions of the heart. adjust qi and blood, increase blood circulation, cleanse stagnation and relieve pain. The purpose is 'to eliminate the root cause while treating the disease. '
The authors believe that patients shouldn’t take any drugs including nitroglycerin before and after the qigong exercise. This is convincingly an effective method to treat CHD.


Hsi-ming Wu (Study and Experiment in Taiwan, China)

1. Preface
In January 1986, the author found a hot energy generated in the whole body and acquired some special talented skills. Since then the author healed many incurable patients who had been abandoned by many doctors of Western and Chinese medicine. In September of the same year, the author started studying qi and superpower and offering a course on 'SM or Chinese Superpower Meditation'. After two years’ study and experiment. the author found that either inner or emitted qi not only could be used to cure diseases for oneself or others, but also improve one’s physical constitution and produce very peculiar supernatural ability. This paper will give you an insight of my study and experiment for the past two years.

2. Superpower
The scientific theory of 'Superpower' is quite reasonably established. and its practice is available and feasible. The developed countries, such as the USA and USSR, have invested much human resource, materials and finance for the purpose of development and study. Both of them have acquired remarkable achievements. Although 'Superpower' has not yet been accepted by the population, it will become one of the main trends of knowledge in the coming 21st century. Up to this moment, it has not been widely accepted by the public owing to various reasons.

3. Qi and Superpower
Superpower is not always generated by qigong training, but it can be acquired through qigong training for some time. So. there is a close relationship between qi and Superpower. Qi is a kind of biological energy and the qigong exercise is very popular among the Chinese people.

4. Inner qi and the emitted qi
After practicing qigong, one may cultivate his inner qi. The inner qi cures the trainees’s own illnesses and the emitted qi can help to heal others' diseases. Qi emission is very difficult to be trained, but 'SM or Chinese Superpower Meditation' can help the trainees not only to acquire the ability of emitting their qi to cure others’ diseases, but also to produce more peculiar abilities. They can emitted qi to a body of people. (The author has made an experiment of giving his emitted qi to a thousand people at the same time).

5. Qi generation without mind control
In more upgrade phase, qi energy can generate an uninterrupted hot energy felt by anyone around. The author has such capacity.

6. Side-effects of qigong exercise and superpower in the qigong exercise
Side-effects may result from the qigong exercise. However, the practice and study of 'qi-energy' is very helpful to human beings. So it should not stop training just because of a little trouble. It should be settled by wisdom.

7. Examples of anti-aging effect of the superpower meditation
There are many actual cases of anti-aging effect of the Chinese Superpower Meditation. It really can be proved that training of qigong has effect.

8. The Self-healing effect of the superpower meditation & healing by the emitted qi of the instructors
About one thousand pupils have been successfully trained by the Chinese Superpower Meditation, 90 percent of the trainees who had taken the whole course have acquired the talent of curing his own diseases within two years. In this section the author would testify the actual curing cases, i. e. gastro-enteritis, liver ailment, renal disease, fever and cold, insomnia. skin disease, brain and neurologic disorders, baby crying in the midnight, cancers, ear, nose and throat syndromes, urogenital disorders, blood pressure disorders, cardiovascular disorders, rectification of the deviation of training, strengthening of physical constitution and etc. of 17 categories.

9. The result of superpower acquired from the Chinese superpower meditation training
The training has made some pupils acquire peculiar talent such as emitting their qi, diagnosis with fingertips, remote transmission of qi, spiritual response, preperception, qi emission to a group of people, operation of will-power and etc.

10. Conclusion
According to our study and experiment in the past two years, we have come to the conclusions as follows:
1. We can assure that the training of qigong has a positive, miraculous and undeniable effect in strengthening physical constitution and curing of diseases.
2. We should pay attention to whether any deviation in qigong training may happen. So, we should attend the class and learn from the qualified tutors and avoid self teaching through books.
3. The training of qigong should be based upon scientific and objective basis without mingling with the colors of superstition.
4. In the process of training, pupils should not expect good result within a short period. Otherwise, it will offense the rule of training.
5. It can be assured that the training of qigong can produce superpower but it should be stated on the scientific and objective basis.
6. The world-wide development of training of qigong will benefit the health of human beings.
7. The science of qigong and Superpower will be the main trend of the 21st century and may become a new knowledge and power of human beings.