Dynamic Studies of Magnetic Signals under Qigong State in Zero-Magnetic Space Laboratory

Author: Wu Ben-Jie////
Conference/Journal: Chinese J Somatic Science
Date published: 1991
Other: Volume ID: 1 , Issue ID: 5 , Pages: 195 , Special Notes: Articles in Chinese and some contain results in tables. , Word Count: 137

The Dynamic change of magnetic signals (MS) under Qigong state was observed on the 20 Qigong performers (QP, 32 tests) in which MS were measured on 21 tests. There are three types, (1) dc MS are 2-3 6x10[sup 3]nT in amplitude, 0.5 - 14 minutes in duration; (2) ac MS are 2-2.6X10 [sup 3]nT in amplitude; (3) Pulse MS are 3-1.3 x 10[sup 5]nT in amplitude. After Qigong the MS were still measures in 80%, it showed that there still presented a “field” effect. the repeated results are obtained in 65%, through repeated test of 8 QP(17 tests), In the view of dc magnetic field, dc field measured at Qigong state is greater in 3-6 orders of magnitude than that in normal. It is worthy to think deeply and studies further what is the mechanism to increase dramatically of MS in human body at Qigong state.