Systems Investigaton on Qigong Eigen State

Author: Yu He Feng////
Conference/Journal: Chinese J Somatic Science
Date published: 1991
Other: Volume ID: 1 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 67 , Special Notes: Articles in Chinese and some contain results in tables. , Word Count: 206

According the human body being an opened complicated mega system, whether human mega system entered into a new relative stable state, qigong eigen state, during thought concentrated in xiadantian cave were studied, and the systems characteristics of the qigong eigen sate were systematically analyzed and objectively described on the microscopical, integral and highest level.
It was showed in the investigation of qigong eigen state, the transient processes of self-organization and self-adaptation and the stability of human system during qigong exercises could be described with the movement trace of functional state point, which could present the whole system in 2-5 comprehensive indication system phasic space.
During qigong exercise functional sate point had gradually stabilized in object ring. Human system had basically entered into qigong eigen state. Repeatability was good in same individual. Individual differences could reflect the differences of processes of self-organization and self-adaptation of various qigong masters, and could be related with the differences of qigong methods, and qigong capacities of qigong masters.
Preliminary study had been made on the effects of qigong exercise to promote the transformation of human somatic eigen states. Certain foundation was laid for the studies of improving human functional states and preventing the adverse effective of space environment on human body.