Moderate Physical Activity of Music Aerobic Exercise Increases Lymphocyte Counts, Specific Subsets and Differentiation.

Author: Yeh SH, Lai SL, Hsiao C, Lin LW, Chuang YK, Yang YY, Yang KD.
Department of Nursing, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taichung, Taiwan.
Conference/Journal: J Phys Act Health.
Date published: 2013 Dec 20
Other: Word Count: 199

Moderate physical activity has been shown to promote immunity. Different moderate physical activities may have different effects on immunity. This study investigated the impacts of a 12-week regular music aerobic exercise (MAE) program on leukocyte distribution, lymphocyte subsets, and lymphocyte polarization.
The study used a case-control design with pre-test and post-test. Forty-seven middle-age women were recruited for this study. Three participants drop out, 22 completed the 12-week MAE program, and the other 22 participants who had heat-intolerance or limitation of time schedule eligibility were enrolled as the control group without the MAE exercise.
Results showed that the MAE exercise for 12 weeks didn't change red blood cells or total leukocytes but increased lymphocyte counts. The women in MAE group revealed significant increases (p≦0.01) of CD3CD4, CD3CD8 and CD4CD25 cells, associated with Treg polarization showing enhanced FoxP3 but not T-bet, Gata-3 or RORγT expression (p< 0.01). The control group without exercise revealed insignificant change of lymphocyte subsets or lymphocyte polarization.
This study shows that MAE increases specific lymphocyte subsets and enhances Treg cell differentiation. It is suggested to encourage moderate physical activity of music aerobic exercise to enhance lymphocyte function of middle-aged women.
PMID: 24368695