Utilized the ultimate super will power concerning direct act on clinical human body effect of researches and experiments

Author: Zhong Ziliang
Shandong Medical University, China
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 147-8 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese , Word Count: 309

We utilized the ultimate super will power concerning direct act on clinical Somatic body effect of researches and experiments. We collected 10 cases in 10 Years.

We utilized the ultimate super will power on 10 cases thought testee.

The thought tested stood face to face with Prof. Zhong Zi-Liang. Meanwhile, Prof. Zhong direct radiation will power order of speech to thought testee. At once or a few minutes, the thought testee appeared human body effect, although has chosen person are very rarely seen.

For example, expression of behavior arranged. That is will power order of speech at once promote thought testee's arm, waist, leg fixed or return to normal. Even the whole body sweat, syncopic reaction, the whole body appear weak and limp, specific lying down, etc. Anyhow, thought testee was inquired what their feeling are during the experiment. They said: I gradually went to sleep. The whole body was out of control and could not actuate and part of their body.

From the above clinic experiments the author holds that the once seize the opportune moment;subjective initiative take Precaution this expression of weak effect researches and experiments.

We discovered this weak effect. Phenomenon can be transformed into a changed strong effect phenomenon; also be able to promote latent energy changed apparent energy. This will power eventually make possible, out of the impossible, on a global scale.

This is our purpose of preliminary initial imagine. It is like what the famous Prof. Qian Xue Shenn said: ”The objective fact of special function, idea and remote control activation inspired us to think that No. 1: Where as during the course of thinking it is possibly accompanied with some “special functional radiation and acceptance”, it is possible for the objective movement to follow up a subjective will under a certain condition: point No. 2: Thinking activity is a phenomenon is the display of photon movement.