Discussion about the theory of Shong Jing Bu Shen Hui Chu Gong to improve sex function

Author: Wang Taidong 1//Shon Xinyan 2
Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shanghai, China [1]//Shanghai Qigong Rehabilitation Association, Shanghai, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 121-122 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese , Word Count: 450

The coordination of sexual relationship plays an important role in a healthy and long life. According to the statistics about more than 10% people (male or female) have some degree of sexual dysfunction and are looking for effective treatment.

In Shanghai and the Ji-nan area, The training of traditional Chinese daoist Hui chun Gong showed a good effect on the male patients who suffer from sexual disfunction The study is reviewed in this article.

1. Determination of sex hormone:

Dr. Xu and Dr. Wang introduced 27 male patients who suffered from primary hypertension (II phase) of asthenie of kidney to exercise Hui Chun Gong half one hour twice a day for one year. Self-compared study and control study of 30 healthy persons were carried out before the study.

The urine E2 level of patients was much higher than of the control case before 2.935 (+ or -) 0.837, after 1.580 (+ or -) 0.440, P<0.01. T (testosterone) level was much lower than that of the control case before 2.21, after 1. 093 (+ or -) 0.2%, P<0.01 after one year of exercise. Self compare study the urine E2 level of the cases was decreased to 2.279 (+ or -) 0.926, P<0.05 and the T level rose to 1.774 (+ or -)1.573, P<0.05 and E2/T ratio decreased to 1. 610 (+ or _) 0.781 P<0.01.

Dr. Qing in Ji- nan divided old male subjects into two groups. The exercising qigong group (N=46. average age 63.46) and the exercising door ball group (N=20 average age 62). During one year of exercising. self-compare study, the Qigong group was observed. The serum FSH level was aecilaied??? P<O.01.

The E2 level was obviously decreased p<O.01. The T level was manifestly increased, P<O.01. The E2 level was obviously decreased P<O.01 and the E2/T ratio was obviously decreased p< O.001 significantly.

However, the control case group who exercise door ball revealed no significant differences in the meantime.

The above two studies indicated a same conclusion: an increase of T level, decrease of E2 level, and decrease of E2 /T ratio. Due to the increase of T, increasing male sex function making old men are the increase of life So after training Hui chun gong, many people who suffered from impotence, premature ejaculation, poor erection, low strength, have greatly recovered even like a normal person. Also the decrease of E2/T decreased the morbidity of coronary disease and cerebral vascular disease.

It demonstrates that Hui chui gong have a fine bilateral regulation of the whole body and will promote the production essence of life and toxicity of kidney-energy. Production of essence of life nourish the kidney. Its’ scientific nature and utility have been demonstrated theoretically and clinically will be out to the future “All healthy and long life.'