The effect of qigong program for health promotion (1) - Using a new 'Chinese Medicine Questionnaire' for the physical condition

Author: Ming Xu 12//Miura Yasushi 12//Nakjima Etsuo 2//Bessho Naoko 2//Ishikawa Eiko 2
NC-Mentis [1]//Department of Public Health, Juntendo University Medicine School, Tokyo, Japan [2]
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 103 , Special Notes: Also in Japanese , Word Count: 381


According to the fundamental theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the SEI(industry), KI(willpower), SIN(spirit), IN(YIN), YOU(YANG) are basic elements of a healthy body. This study is to see the change of the physical condition in terms of those five elements, before and after qigong training.

Subject and method:

The population of the study was 22 individuals between the ages of 32 to 73 (mean 56.3 (+ or -) 13.1). They were all members of NC-MENTIS (a prototype of alternative facility in health promotion in Tokyo). The healthy populations comprised 12 healthy females whose mean age was 56.8 (+ or -) 12.4 and 10 healthy males whose mean age was 55.7 (+ or -) 15.1 years. Those 22 individuals did the self-administered questionnaire before they began the practice of 'Hui Chur Gong' program, 'Kai Syun Kou' called in Japan, for about three months. They did the same questionnaire upon finishing the program.


(l) The following results are suggesting that significant changes in SEI, KI, SIN, IN, YOU after qigong training on all of the 22 subjects
(SEI, 12.S (+ or -) 6.4 and 10.2 (+ or -) 6.7 p<O.05,
KI, 11.5 (+ or -) 4.8 and 8.8 (+ or -) 5.6 p<0.01,
SIN, 12.0 (+ or -) 4.3 and 7.6 (+ or -) 5.7 p<0.O1,
IN, 10.5 (+ or -) 4.2 and 7.9 (+ or -) 5.5 P<0.01,
YOU, 10.6 (+ or -) 4.1 and 7.9 (+ or -) 5.5 P<0.05).

(2) The SEI showed a significantly positive correlation with the ages (r =0.7 p<0.01). The others, KI, SIN, IN, YOU showed a positive correlation with the ages (r =0.30, 0.16, 0.31, 0.33), but they aren’t significant.

(3) Of IN element among the male group it was found to be signficantly high being compared with the female group (12.6 +or- 4.9 and 8.8 +or- 2.5 P<0.05). Of YOU element, it is higher but not signficant among the male group(13.3 (+ or -) 7.0) comparing with the female group(10.9 (+ or -) 5.5 ).

(4) Of SEI, IN, YOU, it was signficantly high among the older persons group comparing with the young group (p<O.O1).


After the practice of 'Hui Chur Gong' program, the physical condition of all the subjects had a tendency to be promoted in SEI, KI, SIN, IN, YOU. We can conclude that 'Hui Chur Gong' can make the human body healthier. Therefore, we found that our new 'Chinese Medicine Questionnaire' for the physical condition is useful and valid as a measurement of the effect of Qigong program for the promotion of health.