Treatment of diabetes by qigong exercise

Author: Sun Chenglin//Sun Liping//Liu Chumei//Li Xuejun////
Beijing University of TCM Medical Qigong Institute, Beijing, China
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 78 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese. , Word Count: 223

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic endocrinopathic metabolic disorder which has a genetic predisposition. It is a syndrome of affecting polysystems and poly-zang-organs, characterized by rising blood sugar and glucose in urine.

It has been listed as one of the three most severe diseases which threaten human health. Modern medical therapy can control effectively acute metabolic disorders, but patients must take medicine for a long time. It is well known that qigong has effects of eliminating diseases and protecting health.

This experiment observed 24 cases of diabetics who did qigong exercises for 2 hours each day over a three week period, collectively and did morning and evening exercises for half an hour respectively. At the same time they were treated with massage and pressing the acupoints using fingers twice a week. Blood sugar before meal and 2 hours after meal, and glycosylation plasma proteins were tested before and after doing qigong.

The results show that treating effect is obvious and patients' conscious symptoms improve to a certain degree.

Among them obvious effect, 5 cases (20.8 %); effective, 12 cases (50%); no effect, 7 cases (29.2 %); total effective rate (70 8 %). It follows that qigong exercise can strengthen the treating by drugs. Especially it has better effect of controlling blood sugar for patients by limiting diets. Doing qigong is helpful for patients' recovery. So, doing qigong exercises is a simple, economical and effective therapy for chronic diabetics.