Clinical observation on the treatment of hyperplasia of mamary glands by qigong combined with acupuncture therapy

Author: Lu Lijiang
Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 74 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese. , Word Count: 274

71 cases of the paper were randomly divided into 3 groups one of the groups, the therapeutic group was treated with qigong combined with acupuncture, while the other two groups, the control group were treated with qigong and acupuncture, respectively.

Of the 22 cases in the therapeutic group, 18 cases are related to unilateral breast and 4 cases to bilateral breasts, with the youngest 21 years old, the oldest 52, averaging 38.6. Married women are 81.8%, range of the duration of the disease was18 days to 5.4 years while one of the control groups (qigong groups), 16 cases are related to unilateral breast and 8 cases to bilateral breasts, with the youngest 23 years old, the oldest 49, averaging 43.1. Married women are 91.67%, The range the durations were three months to 8 years. Another control group (acupuncture group) were 11 unilateralbreast cases and 14 bilateralbreast cases, with the youngest 32 years old, the oldest 47, averaging 41. 5. Married women are 96%. The range of the durations were 62 days to 3 years. The therapeutic group and control group are treated respectively with qigong and acupuncture (Ganshu B18, Tianzong SIll, jianjiang GB 21, Hegu LI4, and so on).

The clinical observations showed that the rates of the markedly effect, effect and general effect of the therapeutic group were 27.27%, 63.64% and 90.91%, respectively, while the qigong group were 4.17%, 70.83% and 75%, respectively, and the acupunture group were 12%, 60% and 72%, respectively. Statistics show significant differences between the therapeutic group and the control group, proving that medical qigong can regulate emotional activities smooth qi of liver and dredge the channel and collaterals, Clinical observations also show that patients will have ease of mind and the pain of breast is relieved while acupunture kills pain much effectively combined together, they can prove to have comprehensive treatment effect.