Qigong exercise & health of elderly

Author: Wu Huimin
Ren Ji Hospital, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai, China
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 54 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese. , Word Count: 223

This essay reports a case of an elderly person who is doing qigong exercises for 15 years to promote his health, The conclusion demonstrates the relationship between Qigong exercise & health of aged
The patient, 80 years old, male, retired since 1978, because of his poor health & suffering from many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, lumbar back pain, stomach ulcer cataract etc. He participated in qigong exercises in groups & continues to practice until now. Now his self-sensation is good, all the diseases, health condition, mental state are promoted, his mind is clever, his reactions are quick.

Methods of qigong exercise such as relaxation exercises, Nan-Yang gong, exercise to inhibit cataracts, health protection exercise for the aged, Ta-Ji-wen-qigong

Now all of the original symptoms & signs are gradually improved, such as diastolic pressure is decreased at the 10-12 KPa level; cataracts develop slowly, the vision degree is increased, the eye ground is normal; Holyer EKG report shows only a few pre-mature beats & normal ST-T; the back pain has disappeared. He has no pulmonary disease & prostate.

The blood examination: cholesterol, ESR, uric acid, hormones ( T, FSH, LED are in normal range Compares with the 10 health criteria of WHO, the patient's health condition is conformed to these criteria according to the Chinese traditional view. “Combination of body & spirit'; qigong exercise is suitable for the elderly as a wholly giving health method.