The explanation of embryo breathing

Author: Shen Yusheng
Hong Kong [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 301 , Word Count: 716

Embryo breathing in Qigong is so called turtle breathing
In the most quiet state, Yang energy stream starts to produce a kind of breathing--turtle breathing (embryo breathing) from dantian to take the place of lungs function to push forward the whole body circulations of blood and energy stream. The strong stream causes the excitation and the growing in meridians, although physiological state is in the violent movement, lung's breathing is in the stop state. That is what Bao Puzi said that a goose feather is put on the mouth and the nose, it will not move in breathing out, this is the true abdominal breathing so called congenital true breathing--embryo breathing--also called turtle breathing.
Turtle is always in the breathing state of embryo, which is the only one animal to be in abdominal breathing, due to this, it can maintain it's life in the circumstance of no air, water and food for several decades or longer.
The true chinese Qigong is so called no death (continuous life) method that is the change of turtle living mode.
Humankind has the nature of continuous life--turtle breathing or embryo breathing, what a pity is that exists before birth, once being born, the congenital organisms' habits begin to the body, it may be regained by long time abandoning evil desires and meditation exercises when people grew up.
Man comes from the combination of yin and yang provided by parents, the fetus is the beginning of humankind life. The fetus in mother's embryo grows by energy stream from heaven and earth directly arriving at cosmos, the congenital life is different from us. Because he does not breathe dependently on the lung but abdominal breathing. Along the circulation lines of fourteen meridians, energy stream and blood are pushed forward from dantian to whole body to maintain the life. This mode is called congenital ecology or embryo breathing ecology. Because he is combined with comes which exists forever so he has special ability who may live with no air, water and food. Common people can not live for several minutes with no air, but in the embryo ecology the limitations are not necessary. The embryo breathing theory which was recorded in the ancient in the taoism books and the secret teaching by mouth and heart in china some time ago were not the mythology stories but the longevity exercise practice in fact. The following are some evidences
One: It was reported by Aomen Overseas Chinese News 23-1-1983 a living baby was born after mother's death two days later.
Two: It was reported by Hong Kong Bulletin 21-12-1983 a living baby was born in the tomb after mother's death 24 hours later.
Three It was reported by Hong Kong Bulletin 3-1-1984 that a turtle in Shen Yang was kept under the ground for 55 years and it was still living.
The embryo breathing ecology mentioned above (congenital ecology) ends just after the umbilical cord was cut off, that is, the energy stream and blood circulations of congenital fourteen meridians system also were cut off, Yin and Yang were divided, thus acquired life begins, baby's breathing becomes into acquired ecology from lung breathing to diaphragm, the breathing is not arriving at the abdomen Once congenital paths (fourteen channels) are closed, acquired ecology starts, life begins to degenerate, from baby--child--youth-adults--the old, man finishes the transformation of all cells per eight years and women per seven years, with the circulation of acquired physiology going until death
Qigong method created by ancients is that through a series practices adults make the time turn back and restore gradually the small rotation of ren and du meridians and the large rotation of fourteen meridians, that is, from the old adults, youth, child baby and finally to the congenital state of fetus (Yin and Yang are combined together). It was said that if embryo breathing is realized or do not breathe by the help of nose and mouth but breathe in the fetus, tao is finished, to the step one may be free from the diseases' pain, this action of anti-degeneration is that one gets into congenital embryo breathing from into congenital embryo breathing from acquired breathing, it is practical. Every one can arrive at the situation if he insist to the meditation by means of correct chinese ancient practice.