Thinking Outside the Box: The Essence and Implications of Quantum Entanglement and the Story of Spin-mediated Consciousness Theory

Author: Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu
Affiliation: 1 Corresponding author:1Huping Hu, Ph.D., J.D., Biophysics Consulting Group, 25 Lubber Street, Stony Brook, NY 11790, USA. E-mail:
Conference/Journal: Neuroquantology
Date published: 2006
Other: Volume ID: 4 , Issue ID: 1 , Word Count: 117

Many experiments have shown that quantum entanglement is physically real. In this
paper, we will discuss its ontological origin, implications and applications by thinking
outside the standard interpretations of quantum mechanics. We argue that quantum
entanglement originates from the primordial spin processes in non-spatial and non-temporal
pre-spacetime, implies genuine interconnectedness and inseparableness of once interacting
quantum entities, plays vital roles in biology and consciousness and, once better understood
and harnessed, has far-reaching consequences and applications in many fields such as
medicine and neuroscience. We further argue that quantum computation power also
originates from the primordial spin processes in pre-spacetime. Finally, we discuss the roles
of quantum entanglement in spin-mediated consciousness theory.

Key Words: Spin, Entanglement, Interconnectedness, Inseparableness