Nerve communication model by bio-cells and optical dipole coupling effects.

Author: Zainol FD, Thammawongsa N, Mitatha S, Ali J, Yupapin P.
Affiliation: Institute of Advanced Photonics Science, Nanotechnology Research Alliance,Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) , Malaysia.
Conference/Journal: Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol.
Date published: 2013 Jan 10
Other: Word Count: 100

A novel design of nerve communications and networks using the coupling effects between bio-cells and optical dipoles is proposed. The electrical signals are coupled to the dipoles and cells which propagate within the optical networks for long distance without any electromagnetic interference. Results have shown that the use of optical spins in the spin networks, referred as Spinnet, can be formed. This technique can be used to improve the nerve communication performance. It is fabricated as a nano-biotic circuit system, and has great potential for future disability applications and diagnosis of the links of nerves across the dead cells.
PMID: 23305176