Modern medical magnetic research on 508 Health Preservation and Protection Cushion

Author: Zang Hongjiu 1//Zhang Qixian 2
Affiliation: Changchun Kehue Institute of Engineering & Technology of Human Body System [1] //Norman Bethuen University of Medical Sciences School of Preventive Medicine [2]
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 2-3 , Word Count: 490

The human race liver in 0.3 - 0.6 gauss terrestrial magnetic field since the day given the birth. Magnetism is as important as sunshine, air and water.

The mankind cannot live a healthy life without the magnetic function every day. Experiments done by Japanese medical scientists showed that the growth of cells is dependent on magnetic force. A newborn cell is round and the content of the magnetism is the most while a decrepit cell is multi angular and the content of the magnetism decreases. When the content of the magnetism is insufficient and senile in the human body, cells may be magnetized to produce electrons and maintain cytoactive. In the experiment carried out mice were put into an iron box entirely shielded off terrestrial magnetic field. As a result, life-span of the mice was obviously shortened and the mice were infertile. In the modern society, automobiles like shuttles, electric wires, iron pipes and reinforcing bars like networks check the functions of natural magnetic field upon human body, hence all kinds of diseases will take place in succession, so magnetic force are badly in need of supplement to the contemporary people.

In view of an urgent need of supplementing magnetic force for human beings' health and long life, 508 Health Preservation and Protection Cushion has a piece of magnetism with 2800 gauss medium intensity in its center besides stored good information from Qi Gong masters of diverse schooled, which just fit in with the needs of supplementing magnetic force for the contemporary people. When a person practices Qi Gong, sitting on the cushion the blood cells and water molecules in the blood of the human body repeatedly flow between south and north pole of a piece of magnetism and are magnetized, so the aim of magnetization is gained.

The clinic and experiment have proved the magnetism of the cushion has the following functions:

1. Analgesic Effect Magnetic field may produce microcurrent to promote microcirculation and reduce excitability of the peripheral nerve.

2. Sedation and Descending Blood Pressure. The magnetic field may strengthen control process of cerebral cortex, thus improve sleep and prolong sleeping time.

3. Anti-inflammatory Effect. The magnetic field may promote edematous resolution and increase the number of leukocytes and phagocytic power.

4. Melting Calculus and Tumor. The magnetic field acting on the human body may promote to melt calculi and make benign and malignant tumors reduce and disappear.

5. Recovering the Vigor of Youth. The magnetic field may reinforce the power of regeneration of the human body cells and improve the elasticity of the blood vessels and skin. So sitting on the cushion and practicing Qi Gong for a long time makes a person younger.

Qi Gong exercise has the function's of preventing and treating diseases, prolonging life and good information from Qiqong masters of diverse schools has stored in 508 Health. A series of magnetic functions above of cushion are more remarkable for persons who wish to be in good health and long life to keep fit.