Preliminary Study on the Research of the Effect of Qigong Emanation on Plant Cell Tissue Concrescence

Author: Li Changling//LI Jinming
Affiliation: Ching Liuguan Tai Qigong Institute, Guandong Nature Mystery Research Institute and Northern Qigong Institute
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 1-2 , Word Count: 680

Bactericidal experiment on Virus and bacterium by Qi Gong Emanation have been done by many.

There process of culturing in plant cell tissue concrescence is how to separate plant cell tissue in an aseptic and then using Qi Gong Emanation to culture and differentiate it, after which produced a New Plant from plant cells instead of seeds.

A: Materials and Methods

1. Tobacco cell tissue for experiment.

2. Prepare three equal sized, sterilized cone shaped bottle in an aseptic room. In which auxin and culture medium were added, and labeled them as No.1, No.2 and No.3 consecutively.

B: Process of Experiment

1. Take a few pieces of tobacco cell tissue which were not yet differentiated and were in the same size, put them in a well closed aseptic container ready for use.

2. Pick up the tobacco cell tissue from the container and put them into the three cone shaped bottle separately and evenly, and first cultivate them in a carburetor for 12 hours.

3. After 12 hours, move the cone shaped bottles from the carburetor to a room temperature condition. Treat the three cone shaped bottles differently with Qi Gong Emanation as follows:

To the No. 1 bottle Emanation was so generated that it depress the cells fission and differentiation.

To the No.2 bottle Emanation was generated with a stronger sense so as to accelerate the cell in fission but not in differentiation.

While to the No.3 bottle, Emanation was generated by remote control of special human energy, which accelerate the cell fission and differentiation. In this way, Emanation was generated twice a day.

Result and Discussion

A. Result

In observations after three days, miracle was found, the cell tissue in No. 1 bottle remain unchanged and was the same as we first put them in the bottle; the cell tissue in No.2 bottle grew bigger than we first put them in the bottle, and appear to be full of life, but no differentiation took place; the cell tissue in No.3 bottle not only looks more bigger, and appeared to be fission, but also on every pieces of cell tissue differentiated root hair of hypha like floss.

After this observation emanation was generated to the three bottles separately for the last time.

An then observed aging after six days, we found that the cell tissue in the No.1 bottle not only no fission nor differentiation but appeared to be drying; the cell tissue in bottle No.2 looks significantly bigger and full of life and also a little cracking. But no differentiation were seen. Though in bottle No.3 the cell tissue had no significant increase of fission, but on every pieces of cell tissue the number of root hair grew significantly thicker and bigger, some even burst out main roots and green colour appeared on the cell tissue.


1. Some specialist and professors concerned were invited to appraisal, in conclusion it shows that the experiment is very successful, it is worthy and necessary of further study and research.

2. It is true that the Qi Gong Emanation did affect the cell tissue in the bottles. It made them fission and differentiate and gave birth to a new life.

3. Through applying different Emanation with different sense to a same kind of material in a different sealed container that made the same kind of material in the different container took different forms of change.

Thus proved Qi Gong, a special human energy, really possessed a strong characteristic of thought.

4. Since the karyon of cell tissue possessed a very strong self-protection. It was proved by document that by generating Qi Gong Emanation in a common way never affected the plant tissue at all.

The result of this experiment shows the objective reality of the theory that the emanation generated by the Qi Gong master is a kind of super photo-energy with a very strong penetrating power.

5. The specialty of Qi Gong not only show significant effects on deleting the declination of human body, and it explored human potential, but to develop Qi Gong on the field of natural science also has its significance, we must carry on further and deeper study and research.