Xuan Guan and Xuan Guan effect -- a study of the effect and mechanism of delaying senility by practicing 'Wang Song-Ling keeping fit method'

Author: Zhao Jicheng//Pang Donghue//Zhao Qian
Affiliation: HaiDian Qigong College, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 152 , Word Count: 487

'Xuan Guan', also known as Xuan Guan Qiao (Xuan Guan Knack)' or 'Xu Pi Men (Xu an Female Gate)', is considered, from the viewpoint of traditional Taoism, as a correct path to follow. Once 'Xuan Guan' is accomplished, 'Dan Ji (good foundation)' will be laid; then it will be able to achieve success one way or another by going on to cultivate oneself. Therefore, those who practice qigong hope to achieve 'Xuan Guan'. To achieve 'Xuan Guan” is also known as 'Kai Wu (enlightening)' in Buddhism, a lofty realm to attain during practicing qigong. In this realm, both physiological and pathological processes are reversed simultaneously, diseases cured immediately, physiological process rejuvenated, and latent instinct in the human body aroused.

As to the method, realm and effect or practicing 'Xuan Guan', opinions vary between different schools of thought. In his 'Sequel of Dao Zhang', Min Yi-de expounded repeatedly the mechanism, method and realm of 'Xuan Guan'. He pointed out directly that the method of 'Xuan Guan' consisted in the word 'forgetting,” i. e., to forget again and again, Xuan Guan is thus penetrating. Practicing 'Wang Song-ling Keeping Fit Method' one can readily get into the state of 'forgetting”, and further to attain the realm of opening 'Xuan Guan Knack”.

This method lays stress on opening the upper and lower 'Xuan Guan'. It has been found by observation that about 10 percent of those who persisted in practicing qigong in this way 4 to 6 hours a day from one to three months or more can attain the 'Xu Guan' effect. As for the realm of achieving 'Xuan Guann, responses vary owing to individuals' differences, but there are many aspects in common, which can be summarized as six words 'forgetting, arresting , exploding , lightening, passing and returning', i. e., getting into the state of forgetting, respiratory arrest, exploding feeling in the brain with the presence of halo, meridians in the body cleared and activated, and rejuvenating physiologically.

There are three fundamental factors in the achievement of 'Xuan Guan': (l) Correctness of method, (2) Differences between individuals, (3) Efforts made to practice qigong. After the realm of 'Xuan Guan Knack” has been attained by practicing qigong of Taoism, diseases will be cured and rejuvenation occur. This has been fully proved by the changes of clinical and physiological indexes after achieving open of 'Xuang Guan”. This change results from the process of quantitative change to qualitative change, owing to the accumulation of energy within the body during the period of practicing qigong. When qi goes up to the brain, the cerebral energy increases obviously and the central nervous system is well coordinated and in a non-random state, which makes for giving full play to congenital instinct in the body. Not only does self-restoration takes place, but physiological and pathological processes get reversed essentially, and psychological process changes too, This is why diseases are cured and rejuvenation takes place after 'Xuan Guan” is achieved.