Effect of Hichugong on 31 cases of diabetes

Author: Jing Yuzhong//Liu Xiude//Wang Zhemin//Wang Qinglan//Yao Airong
Affiliation: Shandong Institute of TCM, Shandong Province, Jian 250014, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 135 , Word Count: 248

Laboratory researches and clinical observations of 197 middle-aged and aged cases were studied. They practiced Huichungong exercises, aiming at prolonging life from 1986 to 1990. Here is the summary of the 31 cases of diabetes.

1. Body weight 24 cases had favorable weight before the exercise. There was no change after the exercise.

2. FBS: After exercise blood sugar reduced from 10.l9 ±3.29 mmol/L to 6.93±1.98 mmol/L (P<O.001).

3. Blood fat: Cholesterol reduced from 6.75±1.32 mmol/L to 5.51±1.16 mmol/L (P<O.001). Triglyceride: From 2.80±1.01 mmol/L to 1.34±0.71 mmol/L (P<O.001).

4. Serum insulin test(lRI): It showed a two direction adjustment after exercise. The average value reduced from 16.604±6.005 MIU/L to 12.62±14.85 MIU/L (P<O.05). It indicates the exercise may improve the biological effect of insulin.

5. Severe obstruction of nail-microcirculation has been relieved greatly.

6. Increasing the level of HDL—C (P<O.05).

7. Increasing the ratio of APOA—I/APOB (P<O.001), playing an important role in increasing the APOB amount in prevention of atherosclerosis.

8. Clinical manifestation: Strengthening the body.resistance, not easy to catch common cold, free food choice, normal life. The above shows one year's exercise has a good comprehensive result for diabetic patients, comparing individually it is much better than the simple drug treatment. It can prevent complicated cardiac, cerebral vascular diseases and peripheral vascular disease. It is a new method in the treatment of diabetes II without medication. This paper also emphasizes the mind concentration and good mental state during exercises may produce a good feedback action.